Stainless Steel Round Shape Mousse Ring

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COOK LIKE A PRO! Take baking your cakes, tarts, pies, cookies, pancakes, cheesecake, biscuits and sandwiches to a pro level with the 4 Chefa USA baking tins! Sized conveniently 3.15” and 1.57” deep, they make the perfect kitchen aid set for your daily meal prep!

cake ring

A TOP QUALITY BAKING RINGS SET: Made of sturdy STAINLESS STEEL, these round mold rings with the quality food press will turn your homemade dishes into spectacular culinary creations, ensuring perfect shape for your pastry thanks to their non-stick surface!

cake ring

SPOIL YOUR FAMILY! Treat your family to the most eye-catching dishes and inspire your kids to try new tastes! Our round cooking rings will encourage the kids to try perfectly shaped vegetable, salad or fruit dishes to enrich their diet with top nutrition foods!