Silicone Ballet Fondant Cake Mold

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Graceful Ballet Fondant Cake Mold

Silicone Ballet Fondant Cake Mold can be used for making lollies, candy, hard candy, fondant, chocolates, soaps, jelly, pudding and so much more!

Freshly Baked and Molded Cake for Gracious Ballet Dancer

Safe to Use: Molds are made of premium and high quality food grade silicone material which is also certified by LFGB, FDA Approved, keep your ice safe for drinking.

Eat Delicious Cake and Cupcakes without hesitation

Flexible Resistance: Our silicone molds stand -40F to 420F which is not only applicable to refrigerator and microwave for making creative sushi and biscuits but also can make ice cube.

Package Includes 1 Exciting Silicone Ballet Fondant Cake Mold One piece For your Balletic and Talented Daughter.