Russian Tulip Icing Piping Tips 16pcs/Set

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Material: 304 stainless steel. Made of Food Grade material.

It takes only one step to make a beautiful Sphere Ball shape cream

Professional and reusable product, Easy to wash and handle

The cake decoration kit includes: Cream icing piping nozzle tip(eclair piping tip) french star,closed star, open star,drop flower,rosettes flower, leaves, round piping tip, grass ,leaf pastry tip and basket weave icing tip

Safety and health: made of food grade 304 stainless steel, safe and non-toxic, reusable, and long service life.

Convenience: easy to use and clean, suitable for dishwasher cleaning (with cleaning brush)
Purpose: The Cream Icing Piping Nozzle forInject the filling in the cake. Pipe skills are suitable for decorating various holiday cakes, such as puffs, cup cakes, macaroons, etc.