Mermaid Cake Molds

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This Mermaid Cake Molds were made for easier creation of mermaid cake decorations through melted candy or chocolate which can be used for toppers on cakes or cupcakes for a MERMAID THEMED PARTY

Everyone loves MERMAIDS especially our favorite childhood Disney Princess Ariel which captures the heart of many especially kids. Well, this is the perfect idea if you want to throw a Mermaid themed party for your kid!

They were all made of food-grade silicone and also passed the FDA standard.

Photo from @hanas_cake_tin

They are durable, non-stick, innocuous, tasteless, no permeate, eco-friendly, flexible, not easy to damage, heat resistant, easy to demold and so on.


Allowed operation temperature: Heat up to 240 Centigrade ( 464 Fahrenheit). Oppositely, the lowest temperature it can handle is -40 Centigrade (-40 Fahrenheit).

mermaid tail cake

Fantastic for making chocolate/ candy/ fondant/ gum paste and sugar clay. With our original mermaid mold, you can also play your imagination to make jelly as well as sugar craft.

It can not only available for microwaves, oven, dishwashers but also a freezer.

mermaid cake