Leaves Nozzles Set 5 Pcs

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Material: high-quality stainless steel.

Different shapes and sizes, good for cake, cookies, puff and so on.

Easy To Keep Clean, Reusable, Durable And Lasting, Smooth Chrome Finish.

An ideal gift for yourself or friend. Come together to create Christmas or family daily cupcakes, birthday or wedding cake.

Package include: 5 Pcs Set Leaves Nozzles

NUMBERED TIPS – EASY TO USE: This is the ONLY set having numbered tips. Each tip is numbered, and you will get a pattern chart showing outcome flower shape of each numbered tip. Just have a look on Pattern Chart select your desired flower shape and find that numbered tip inset. BINGO!

LEAF TIPS - MAKE IT MORE BEAUTIFUL: Use 2 Leaf Tip to fill the gap between piped flowers, also use these tips to decorate your cakes make them more unique, beautiful & attractive. 

LARGE RUSSIAN TIPS -FDA APPROVED. Russian tips are Extra Large laser tips made of FDA Approved Material 304 Steel which ensures ✔ Durability ✔ High Rust Resistance ✔ Smooth Edges, produce beautiful flowers without ever losing shape ✔ Safe to use by Kids ✔ Safe to contact with food.

 BEST GIFT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: RFAQK cake decorating set is a beautiful gift for all occasions whether it is a birthday, Wedding, Mother Day, Christmas, Easter, Housewarming or anniversaries. It comes with Beautiful Pink Handle Plastic Box which serves as a Storage Box also.