Kitchen Silicone Dish Drainer Tray

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FOOD GRADE SILICONE HEALTHY LIFE:Made of food grade safe silicone material, features BPA-free, FDA approved, durable and safe. The silicone is inert, it does not absorb or retain flavors and odors, not easy to mold and stink, which helps prevent cross-contamination, eco-Friendly leaving you & your family with safe, clean and dry dishes.

FAST DRYING & WASHING:This kitchen dish drying mat with 0.3cm high density is easy to clean up because of its concave-convex drainage ditch. Designed with a drainage mouth easily deal with any water on the mat. It dries cutlery, glasses and utensils faster.Wide raised ridges for ventilation that easier to guide the flow of water and ensure water to evaporate quickly and dishes to dry faster. The design of the ridges not only make drying faster but easy to wash.

EASY STORAGE & SAVE SPACE:As a durable dish dryer mat, it is large enough to hold all your dishes, pots, cups and other utensils. Besides that, it also doubles as a heat-resistant trivet for your table and countertop, fridge liner and cupboard liner, so many uses to make your life easy.The soft but firm pliable material allows easy folding, they can easily rolls up for compact storage, no matter how long or tight the mat is rolled up for, it will never lose shape and will always roll back flat

LARGE SIZE:This 16’’X14’’ Silicone Dish Drying Mat can hold your utensils, pans and extra pots etc. It antibacterial and heat-resistant feature (-40 ~446°F / -40 C to 230°C) In addition: We also provide a pink silicone brush for you to make it easier to clean all kinds of fruits and vegetables and dishes. Dish Drying Mat make it easier for you to put what you want to put. Nothing beats having enough room to do all your dishes without having to create a pile that could topple at any moment.

 100% RISK FREE AND MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: Our product designs are created with care and attention to detail making,If for whatever reason you are not satisfied to any degree, we will instantly refund your money back. No questions asked.