French Baguette Baking Mold

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NON-STICK & PERFORATED: baguette pan for baking is heat resistant and this French baguette baking pan is dishwasher safe. Perforations in the surface of this baguette baking pan let moisture escape, allowing loaves to crisp and brown evenly. Environmental friendly coating of this baguette baking tray is specially formulated for superior baking and easy release of baked goods.

HEAVY-DUTY & FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: French bread baking pan is made of food-grade carbon steel that is eco-friendly for strength and durability; perforated baguette pan with anti-stick coating, which provides a clear, non-stick baking surface. French bread loaf pan is easy-to-clean and this Italian loaf pan is made of much thicker material than regular ones.

VERSATILE & DELICATE BAKING FOODS: This French baguette form provides home bakers with an easy way to bake warm, fresh French bread baguettes from the comforts of your kitchen. Baguettes are the foundation for nearly any crostini or bruschetta appetizer. Making a grilled cheese sandwich with a fresh baguette, you will fall in love with baking bread with Amagabeli bread baking pans!

HEAT RESISTANT - The baguette mold maximum recommended baking temperature is up to 450°F. And using a stiffer rather than softer dough in this pan, to prevent getting stuck in the pan's perforations. Each gutter width of this Italian bread pan is 1".