9pcs Russian Nozzles

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We use professional-food grade stainless steel to design the cake decorating tips with one-time moulding, so that they have unparalleled durability. Icing tips will not rust, are easy to clean and can be used in the dishwasher.

Premium Cake Decorating Supplies:

There are 6 Russian icing tips,3 Russian ball tips and a clean brush in a Storage Box. Meet your basic needs. Take up less space when baking. Very easy to clean and store, avoid a messy kitchen!

Our Russian icing tip set can easily create smart patterns on your cake, cupcake, pastry, cookies, muffin, puff and so on. You can make a beautifully decorated treat even on your first try. All you need to do is just to give your piping bags a slight pressure.

The Russian piping tips set is easy to use whether you are a beginner or culinary masters. The cake decorating kit is a beautiful gift for all occasions whether it is a birthday, Wedding, Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, Housewarming or anniversaries. This Russian tips set is guaranteed to plaster a smile on any baking lover's face.