3D Heart Silicone Cake Mold

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Made from High-Quality Materials: 3D Heart Silicone Cake Mold is made from food-grade quality materials making it safe and friendly for your baking use.

Multi-functional Silicone Dessert Molds: The mold can be used for Mousse molds, cake molds, ice cream molds, truffle molds, ice stick molds, semi-red molds, bread molds, pudding molds, food molds, dessert molds, etc.

Easy to use and Release: 3D Heart Silicone Cake Mold is very soft and flexible that no matter how twisted and squeezed, it would be as well as new. 

Clean and Store with Ease: Cleaning the mold quick and easy user manual dishwashing or dishwasher then dry and store.