Edible Pigment Drawing Pens

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10 Colors Set: 10 colors including red,purple,orange,yellow,brown,blue,pink,forest green,light green,black.Bright color with Strong tinting strength makes you draw the pattern you want with unlimited imagination for your DIY works.Each pen contains a formulated mixture of colors that do not change the texture or taste of your favorite snacks.

Painted macarons

 The smooth wide-tip makes it easy for coloring and decorating. The pen is also suitable for stencil printing and outlining design.

painted macarons

Make Fun Everywhere: This edible pens can be used for fondants, biscuits, pastries, donuts,cakes,chocolate, marshmallows, fruits, vegetables, etc,and also suitable for most smooth surfaces like biscuits, bagels, pita, crepes and even hard cheeses.Great for daily DIY and children's games, birthdays, parties, holidays, weddings, anniversaries and family parent-child DIY games etc.

painted macarons

Children-friendly: Simple and fun to use, it is also suitable for stencil printing, stamping or making graffiti,and do not worry about being eaten because of the food-grade edible material.