Thawing Defrosting Tray Meat Plate Board

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Defrost Frozen Foods And Meats Faster: Crafted with intelligent aesthetics, our rapid thawing tray thaws chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, lamb chops, sausages, prawns, vegetables and more in less than half the time, depending on the thickness of food and room temperature.

Quality And Easy To Use: Made of high-quality extra-thick aluminum and provided with a thick teflon layer, BeChef defrosting tray is non-stick and is DISHWASHER SAFE.

Healthy, No Chemicals Or Electricity Needed: As opposed to microwave ovens that partially cook the food during the defrosting process, our unique BeChef Thawing Plate is fast and sanitary and thaws frozen meats, vegetables and other foods in the most natural and healthy way without the use of electricity, water, microwave or batteries while keeping the essential Nutrients and Vitamins!

S: 23*16.5*0.2 cm
M: 23*16.5*0.3 cm
L: 29.5*20.5*0.2 cm
XL: 29.5*20.5*0.3 cm
XXL:35.5 * 20.5*0.2 cm