3D Cherry Cake Decorating Mold

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This 3D Cherry Cake Decorating Mold is a fun way for you to decorate a beautiful cherry shaped cake for any occasion. It offers easy shaping of 3D sugar objects like cherries that look real and eye appealing. 

Great for Many Occasions: 3D Cherry Cake Decorating Mold is perfect for making amazing cake suitable for Easter, weddings, favors, birthday, party, and more.

Made from High-Quality Materials: 3D Cherry Cake Decorating Mold is made from food-grade quality materials making it safe and friendly for your baking use.

Non-Stick Surface Silicone mold: Special nonstick surface, easy to release with the pressed finger from the bottom, flexible, and easy to clean.

Bake Something Special: Bake special and surprising Cherries Shaped Cake with the 3D Cherry Cake Decorating Mold to give an element of surprise to your guests.