Alphabet Plastic Cookie Press Stamp

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Fun Baking Supplies: Keep these cookie stamps with your other baking essentials and fondant tools. They make it easy to design custom cakes, pies, or cookies with customized names, letters, or phrases for a fun twist on classic treats. Use a personalized embosser stamp set to make an impression with your food presentation skills.

Emboss Dough Or Fondant: Use these letter stamps as a fun and food-safe dough-embossing tool. They press easily into fondant, rolled-out cookie dough, or sheets of pie dough, so you can customize and decorate desserts for any occasion. 

Alphabet Learning Tools: These stamps make fun designs on desserts, but they can also be a valuable learning tool for children learning how to read and sound out letters. 

Makes A Great Gift: A unique gift can be hard to find, especially for people who seem like they have everything!